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My three


People, places, and’s what we are supposed to share with small group on Wednesday nights and I am up for this week.  I thought,  is there a better place to write down my thoughts on this topic than here?  Nope, there isn’t I answered myself.  AND here goes!

If I have to start it is in a story telling way and weaving them all together is the best for me, I think.  We shall see.

My life starts in Beaufort , S.C. there really isn’t mush to tell from there.  My dad, a marine corp fighter pilot felt it was time to move on and took his little family back to northern California to the Bay area and a Baptist Theological Seminary called Golden Gate.  He felt called to the ministry and to the Army as a chaplain.  While we were there my little sister was born.  We stayed in NorCal for 4 years and my dad got the call from the Army that he was in and we were moving to GA.  My little brother was born there and shortly there after we moved to Germany.  I think from this you can see that a major even in my life was moving.  I have been moving since the day I was born.  After Germany we only lived 4 more places, including Virginia and I lived in California on my own for a year and a half.  The funny thing, after I moved home from CA in 1992, I stayed put.  So event #1 is an ongoing event that lasted till I was 20 and had a major impact on who I am. I am open and understanding person who can see many sides to people and can forgive easily.  The moving helped me to understand multi cultures and have an openness to new things.

The second event was when I was pregnant with Ben my 16 year old son.  I got pregnant in July of 1995.  Very soon after I found out I was pregnant I found out I had a cyst on one of my ovaries.  It had to be removed and I was scared.  I spent many hours praying for Ben’s safety and for mine as well.  I know those hours spent praying and telling God that the child would be raised in a believing house and I would return to a life of real relationship with him.  And I know God heard me.  That event spurred my, then boyfriend, now, husband and I to get married and begin to attend church together, when we weren’t working.  It was an event that led me back to Christ  on my own, separate from my parents.

The third event was the death of my sister.  She was just shy of her 34th birthday, married, and had 2 little kids, Elli and Aaron.  She was a nurse on a women’s ward at MCV in Richmond.  She learned how to rock climb early in her 20’s and spent many weekends out on the face of a cliff somewhere in the country.  She climbed up and down both coasts and in the middle of the country as well.  Then, on June 12th 2010, her time to meet her maker came.  Unfortunately, she died that day and my life changed.  I am not sure I would  have the faith in Christ and His presence that I do now.  There is no doubt in my mind that He is present ALL the time, even in the darkest depression I still feel on a regular basis.  While I miss my sister desperately, I am confident in the salvation and eternal life that we have in our Savior.  I know we will be together again for all eternity.  Every time I talk about her it gets easier and easier, not to say the pain is gone, I assume it will never, ever heal, but I can tell the story and each time gain some sort of epiphany as to how my life has changed spiritually and have learned how to let go and let God take the wheel.

So that ends the first installment..I’ll write the other two parts before Wednesday.