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My daughter


I never thought that I would have a daughter.  At 31 I gave birth to our second son and after he was about two years old I (with Ferdi) decided that unless God really wanted my family to have another child, we were done.  I knew that I would have a third boy anyway so why put myself through the act of “trying” to have a girl.  I didn’t need a girl anyway, I thought.  I began to resign myself to the fact that I would be the lucky one and “adopt” two daughters once my sons found their brides and I wouldn’t have to go through all that adolescent female angst, daughter dating a crazy man, or “hormonal” drama that I am quite sure I put my parents through (I am sure I put them through at least two of the three). Besides, my boys are destined to have only girl children so I can spoil them rotten ;D.

I have two birth born children and one adopted child. The eldest is my daughter.  We came to know each other by happenstance (or God is more likely).  Through a series of fortunate events we were invited to their wedding and then very quickly became a part of the lives of Cathy (my daughter) and Doug (my son-in-law) (it still is weird to type that).  I have a wonderful picture at the wedding of Doug and I but none of Cathy and I as we were not terribly close at that point.  After they had been married a year, another fortunate event happened where my mother went to visit HER mother and I was without my mother for Mother’s Day (for the first time ever, I might add).  I invited my friend and her family over (as she was without her mother that day too) and Cathy and Doug for dinner.  That night I started saying, “well the age is right you should just be my daughter.  It wouldn’t be weird at all. Just call me mom.” and slowly the ball started rolling. That night we took a photo the three of us; I think the only one of Cathy and I that is of any merit (as any others are just goofy or not that great).

Over the course of the next few months Cathy and Doug found it necessary for a myriad of reasons to leave our state (not necessary to discuss here). They soon left on their grand adventure.  We kept in touch randomly on the phone but mostly by the infamous connector FACEBOOK.  Pictures, comments, and likes became a normal means of communication, as did Pinterest (I send PINS like a fiend for my friends) and other social medias.  Then came the phone call.  It was rather out of the blue and a pleasant surprise and honor to me.  

Well I have to tell you, I finally got to be the lucky one.  Though my oldest daughter lives several states away now we can still, through the magic of the internet, have almost daily communication.  She is smart, funny, easy going, curly, earthy, loving, Godly, and everything I would ever want my daughter to grow up to be.  She married a wonderfully Godly man who loves her tremendously and cares for her with all of his being.  I have started looking at daughter things to send her so she can begin a collection of things from us.  She tells people about her family and her two brothers.  She even took a online quiz to see what sit-com family hers most represented and I am proud to say we are the Huxtables.  I am Claire, I think my youngest HAS to be Rudy, our middle is Theo (I can’t see him as Vanessa), my husband (well isn’t it obvious?) is Cliff, and Cathy is the eldest that we didn’t meet for a long time, Sondra (she shows up in episode 10, I checked Wikipedia).

It’s funny how Sondra completed the family.  I am happy that Cathy can complete our family.  I am happy to call her my daughter.  She makes me smile.  I love having a daughter who makes me smile.