Is Your Small Group A Social Club?


Read my daughter’s blog. It is amazingness.

In and Out

This post isn’t my first about problems that I’ve seen in The Church. It probably won’t be my last. But what I have learned in the last year is that abandonment can come from the strangest places. Even your church small group.

But wait? Isn’t it supposed to be a collection of friends? If not bound by real camaraderie than because of a shared belief in Christ and the benefits of sacrificing time to come together each week for the purpose of the GOD commanded directive to fellowship with other Christians? Is it?
One by one I have heard so many stories of difficulties arising in church-goers lives. Genuine hardships that can cause any human to do what is easiest when things are at their worst: retreat. What they leave in their wake is not what you’d think.
I try until it hurts to be transparent. Do you think I…

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I am a Christ follower and as such I am called to love. I do my best to heed that calling. I am also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, mentor, friend, photographer, & writer. I do my best to be transparent.

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