Today was Sunday funday!




I am changing.  Quickly I am becoming someone else.  It is a good metamorphosis. I am excited to see what becomes of me.  I am boldly stepping out of a shell.  I am realizing things about myself that I never knew existed.


Talk about transformative, the last 7 days have been a whirlwind of change.  I have felt the incredible urge to share the story of the dress and therefore write about it AND share that writing.  Putting myself at risk for possible judgement of my writing style and ability.  That is a scary thought for an English teacher.

If you read back over the blogs I have posted in the last 6 days you will see change and if you go back even further you may even see a different writer.  I know that this change is due to all the thinking I have been doing about the choice to wear dresses for 31 days for a specific cause.  But it is going deeper than that too.  I am noticing things I never knew about myself. Things I am not quite ready to share here (but I am sure to share as I go along this journey).

That realization makes me think about the journey to freedom that the slaves go through.  IJM  posted on their facebook today that they had dozens of families graduate from an after-care program that lasted 2 years.  Could you imagine?  It is an after-care program that helps with career options, counseling, learning how to self-advocate, and I am sure so many other critical skills that we take for granted.  Could you imagine all the changes and incredible transformation that is happening in the lives of these people who were once in bondage?

I know I am overwhelmed with all that has transpired in my mind this week but I cannot even begin to imagine what is happening in their minds.  What that new idea of freedom tastes like!

After being rescued the, now free, people are given support and expected to work to earn a living for themselves.  They get to pick their job! They are so transformed that they likely do not recognize themselves or their families.  But they are free.

This month is about so much more than a dress for me and all the people who are working to the end of slavery in the world.  It is about transformation in our minds and extending kindness.  It is about awareness in subtle and not so subtle ways.  It is about finding out what you may not have known about yourself and others.  It is about assisting others who cannot help themselves without you.

Will you help?  You can of course donate money through my campaign but you can also learn about what IJM does and get involved there.

It is about so much more than just money.  Just awareness of this world-wide problem informs our everyday  movements but that is post for another day.


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