I have been out of the blogersphere for a few days. Recouperating my brain and my soul. I didn’t even take pictures for a few of those days. It has been a wonderful respite.
But now I am back BUT please forgive me as I am blogging from my phone due to some technological difficulties.
So here it is…. I have love. So much love in my life. I am remembered, cherished, & cared for.
When I am out of touch with the people who care about me they notice. I am not easily forgotten.
When I return I am greeted with joy. I am hugged, held, & reminded that I am important.
Now, take a moment think about recent news items. The children who have been kidnapped from school in massive numbers AND never found! Now, those who care about these children have not forgotten about their children, but the rest of the world has.
Maybe because we have so much happening that we can’t be bothered with the grief of others or maybe it is just because the media jumps from one thing to the next. Who knows but their plight isn’t on the top of our priorities. Sad.
On my journey this month I am realizing the short attention span we have in our culture. The fact that there are 27.9 million slaves may not be on anyone’s radar in January. Sad.
That is where I am today.
Till tomorrow.


About syndlazo

I am a Christ follower and as such I am called to love. I do my best to heed that calling. I am also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, mentor, friend, photographer, & writer. I do my best to be transparent.

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