Round two!


I am back.  A second year of dress wearing.  I haven’t bought a new dress since last year so the pictures you see on my instagram (imacurlygirl) will feel very familiar!

Serendipitously, I was off today.  I had a dentist appointment (honestly, I totally forgot when I scheduled it in June) so I was able to go out in the world and talk about Dressember on my first day.

I love my dentist! She is fantastic! ~I don’t get paid 😉

The hygienist asked what was going on and I opened with “well it’s #givingtuesday and the start of dressember”.  So that of course opened the conversation and the idea for today’s blog.

We talked about how I am a serious pattern mixer especially since all of my dresses are summer (short or sleeveless). We talked about the supply chain.  The conversation took us to trafficking out of a local spa.  It is always good to talk with people who are genuinely interested and who will begin to think about their consumerism in a different way after our conversation.

One thing I want to do differently this year is talk.  Talk to everyone I meet about my adventure.  My meditation. This journey toward awareness.

I would love it if you could help out in any way you can.  Tell people, give to an anti-slavery organization, become aware of your consumerism.

Keep posted all month long.  Check my blog daily for my new post.  Follow me on my instagram.  Watch my facebook posts.

Here is my donation site for Dressember


About syndlazo

I am a Christ follower and as such I am called to love. I do my best to heed that calling. I am also a wife, mother, daughter, sister, teacher, mentor, friend, photographer, & writer. I do my best to be transparent.

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